SWifis. Wireless Auditor. 1.2 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Getting a connection to wireless networks is now made easy with SWifis. Wireless Auditor. It is a very reliable and useful application for Android devices that gives access to open wireless networks. It also serves as a wireless network scanner.

< strong>SWifis. Wireless Auditor lets you choose from autos can, fast and slow scan, normal scan, turbo scan. You can also look for different types of networks, and search for channels, ESSID's and BSSID's. The application's interface is easy to understand and you will be able to use it in no time.

Good thing about < strong>SWifis. Wireless Auditor is it produces sound to warn filtered networks, provides connection status and a descriptions of wireless networks. After all the scanning and searching is done, you can save your list of networks in your SD card. Just make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on.

SWifis. Wireless Auditor.

The main features are the wireless network scanner and the access to wireless open networks.

The scanner basic functionality are autoscan fast and slow, normal scan on demand, turbo scan, looking for types of networks, types of encryption to seek, search for channels, search for ESSID, search for BSSID, search by signal strength, sound to warn filtered networks, a network connection status and a description of wireless networks.

In order to connected to open networks click on the open network, for other wireless networks invoke to setup wifi.

It also saves the list of networks obtained redes.txt generating a file in the root scard through the menu.

Version 1.6 is used in api 4.

System Requirements:

No special requirements

SWifis. Wireless Auditor. 1.2 Free Download screenshot